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Resources I wish I had sooner

More than a decade ago, I started a school, and while I wouldn't recommend anyone follow my exact path (many lessons were learned the hard way), I've discovered resources I wish I had known existed from the beginning. In the spirit of generosity, I am sharing those hard-won lessons in the hope that they help accelerate your vision and enrich your community of learners. Check back often, I'll continue to add to the collection!

Colorful book stack against a sun-dapple

Game Changing


Nothing happens in a vacuum. Anastasis would not be the school it is had it not been for the wisdom of each of these incredible authors. My thinking and life have been deeply impacted by the hunches that have collided as a result of these reads. 

Game Changing


I started Anastasis as a passionate educator. My background was not in business...there were a lot of lessons learned with the help of generous mentors who volunteered their time and knowledge.

Business mentorship with two females and
computer and ipad on a desk in the style

Game Changing


When we started Anastasis, there weren't a lot of tools out there to support the small school...everything was built for districts and large schools. Thankfully that has changed!

Game Changing


There are so many incredible resources to enhance the learning you do with students. These are some of our favorites that we use year after year.

Innovative, inquiry-based learning space
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