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 "I'm going to make everything around me beautiful-that will be my life."

-Emily Wolf-

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A collective place where ideas and hunches can collide...


I want to transform the learning landscape (in and out of schools) in such a way that it absolutely unleashes a population who identifies their own uniqueness. The passions, gifts, talents, worldviews that are theirs alone. I want to connect that uniqueness to a world that desperately needs that unique contribution. I believe that this is a beautiful and worthy goal.

For as long as I can remember, I've kept journals. Places to tuck away quotes, thoughts, ideas, dreams, and wishes. Commonplace books. I have hundreds of journals and stickynotes filled with sketches and words and meaning. These Commonplace books are where some of my very best accomplishments were first hatched and tended to. And yet, I've learned that when ideas have the opportunity to meet the world, they take on a beautiful life of their own. They collide with other ideas and passions. They exist in the world outside of my notebooks. In a very real way, it was sharing my Dreams of Education publically that led to the starting of my school, Anastasis Academy. Anastasis wouldn't exist without the collision of other ideas and brilliance. It could not exist without the incredible team that has joined their own passions and perspectives.

KT's Place is meant to be my public Commonplace book. A place where we can dream together, solve big problems, and be part of a movement. A movement of good! Some of the ideas you'll find here are just inklings, the very beginnings of a hunch I have. Some are further along in the process, more realized but never done!

Big ideas require collective intelligence. They require a community to come together, to share and connect dots. They require a place where both incrimental and disruptive innovation can co-exist.

This will be a place of willful naivete. Here, I will choose to close my eyes to the feeling that what I dream about is impossible. I will embrace that things only feel impossible because nobody has ever done them before, or at least, I haven't. This space will become my Commonplace book. A place to collect ideas, quotes, inspiration. But beyond what I will do here, this is an invitation to you.

This is an invitation to dream together. To solve problems together. A place where your gifts, talents, history, interests, and worldview can collide with mine and others.

This is an alliance.

A movement of good.

Thank you for being here!


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